The Itchy-O Marching Band! Last night in Denver!!! Good stuff!!!


To unveil the Porsche Macan in Tucson, Arizona, Chapman Auto Group brought in Flam Chen and Co. for a night of aerials, fire, stilt dancing, and other expressions of Life Intensified (Porsche motto). Performers and crew include: Flam Chen, Objects & Outlines, Richard Noel, DJ Elektra Tek, Cavetta Greene, Jennifer Coughlan,
Ronald Roach, and Kipp Metzger. Many Thanks to Chapman Auto Group.

This video is a combination of 360 degree video compositions and handheld hd clips shot by Jonathan VanBallenberghe and steadicam camerawork by Jeff Smith. Please visit to learn more about 360 video production.


one of many reasons why ATCR is my fav

some funny stuff!


one of many reasons why ATCR is my fav

some funny stuff!

Single Point Rigging Systems!!!  Yes this type of activity is what collapsed at Ringling Brothers. We wholly sympathize with the performers and crew. We have always been diligent in preparing the rigging design and doing the math. 

But always….  with rigging like there is there is still ONLY  “1” point with NO redundancy….

Swivels and shackles on the crane rigs shown are rated to 10 of thousands of pounds

Swivels and gear on the balloon rigs with one performer are rated to 5000 and greater

April Fools!  It’s MOCOTBER!!

Have a silly good time and help fund The 25th Annual All Souls Procession.  Our Silver Anniversary is going to be an incredible experience this year!

Tucson Premier Presentation by Flam Chen with Sticks-n-Fingers of “Caribbean Technology”
Tucson Circus Arts performs “las Sirenas” with TheMissing Parts
AZTRAL FOLK -Ethno-Fusion Music
Planet Djembe - West African Style Drum Ensemble
MamAxé - West African Inspired Dance
Air Loom - Aerial Dance
Sol Axé - Brasil style Samba Drum & Dance
Tygel A Pinto - Aboriginal-Flute Beat-box
The Jonestown Band - Electric Blues
Objects & Outlines - Modern twirling & juggling entertainment
Carl Hanni - old school & dance DJ
Elektra Tek House Artist - electro House DJ
DrMagic Kenny Stewart - Wine & Magic
DrRev Stephen Strange - Magic & Wine
Dunk Tank
Cabaret ($5 private entry show)


kinetic sculpture: The “Moving” Monument ( by La Machine )



Travelers - Surrealist Sculptures Bruno Catalano

"Travelers", a series of surrealist sculptures by French artist Bruno Catalano, a dozen were installed during the month of September in the streets of Marseilles in the framework of the European Capital of Culture 2013. The amazing sculptures pictured here look like they’re missing vital organs. B Catalano who says the invisible bodies represent a world citizen. This beautiful series of sculptures queries as its meaning from its implementation, and evokes memories and things that every traveler inevitably leaves behind …