RIP  Paolo Soleri

We were honored enough to know you and you gave us ultimate permission when we stepped foot on site.  You inspired us to create and keep creating!

Much love Maestro!

photos:  Doug Angleton, Sue Tiss, Steve Miller

Radio Edit of ‘Lollipop Opera’ from Public Image Ltd One Drop EP. 4 track EP released Record Store Day, April 21st 2012. First new release in 20 years!

This is an edit, full version available on the EP.

Went out hunting for the Comet Pan Starrss (with  phallic saguaro cactus) the other evening with a good friend and photographer-Karel Moonen.  Improvisational light painting  session post Pan Starrss breaching the horizon.


The mysterious Shadowalkers are part stealth weaponry-part sculptural deference. Their movements cannot be calculated nor expected.  They are near silent even with brisk movements. They can take refuge in the smallest of space or the ability to increase in size to fill a space exponentially bigger then themselves.  The Shadowalkers travel in small herds of 3-5 and their colors vary from black to white  to red-their height varies from 8 ft to 12 feet.  

photos: Larry Hanelin


The Arbox, like the Kokapi, are part of the Equidae family of creatures.  Their horns are composed of exfoliating bone and their demeanor if generally playful-they enjoy being ridden and are about 20 hands tall of larger.  Their herd size ranges from 3-9 and they are very social.