Went out hunting for the Comet Pan Starrss (with  phallic saguaro cactus) the other evening with a good friend and photographer-Karel Moonen.  Improvisational light painting  session post Pan Starrss breaching the horizon.


The mysterious Shadowalkers are part stealth weaponry-part sculptural deference. Their movements cannot be calculated nor expected.  They are near silent even with brisk movements. They can take refuge in the smallest of space or the ability to increase in size to fill a space exponentially bigger then themselves.  The Shadowalkers travel in small herds of 3-5 and their colors vary from black to white  to red-their height varies from 8 ft to 12 feet.  

photos: Larry Hanelin


The Arbox, like the Kokapi, are part of the Equidae family of creatures.  Their horns are composed of exfoliating bone and their demeanor if generally playful-they enjoy being ridden and are about 20 hands tall of larger.  Their herd size ranges from 3-9 and they are very social.


Also known as the Dreameaters-the Kokapi are unique in their electro-luminescent glow which activates with the sunset each evening.  They are a rare breed in the Equidae family because they are generally nocturnal.  Kokapi can grow as tall as 12 feet tall and when on their hind legs can reach-if only for  a few seconds to a height of nearly 20 ft.  They travel in small packs of 2-7 and are specifically located in the Sonoran Desert region of the U.S.  The herd has a dedicated docent and is often accompanied by their Shepard.

The MOTH PEOPLE embody the concept of ethereal…their elongated earthbound bodies twist and contort with their acrobatic antics.  They are playful and jittery –their flock can be as small as 3 to as many as 30.  Their presence usually signifies a looming metamorphosis.

Bio-Penny Farthings

From the twisted mind of the infamous Papa Boneshaker-a custom genetic machination of ancient flying contraption, kinetic sculpture, 4 legged stilt creature complete with bio electric feedback and on board effects ranging from hi tech led lighting to triggered pyrotechnics. 


A Tribe Called Red — “Electric Pow Wow Drum”

We’ve all heard those Euro dance tracks that incorporate Latin American flavor but this may well be the first tune that we at Jazz and Grooves have heard to blend Native American vibes into a danceable EDM banger. This tune by A Tribe Called Red is gritty as all hell - the throbbing electronic bass swells and recedes as Tribal chants entwine themselves into the beat. The whole experience feeds the imagination with thoughts of something deeper, of something primal. The band is a Native American DJ crew from Canada who posts their music downloads online. So, light up the peace pipe, start up a dance circle, and download the band’s eponymous album for free here.