To unveil the Porsche Macan in Tucson, Arizona, Chapman Auto Group brought in Flam Chen and Co. for a night of aerials, fire, stilt dancing, and other expressions of Life Intensified (Porsche motto). Performers and crew include: Flam Chen, Objects & Outlines, Richard Noel, DJ Elektra Tek, Cavetta Greene, Jennifer Coughlan,
Ronald Roach, and Kipp Metzger. Many Thanks to Chapman Auto Group.

This video is a combination of 360 degree video compositions and handheld hd clips shot by Jonathan VanBallenberghe and steadicam camerawork by Jeff Smith. Please visit to learn more about 360 video production.

Single Point Rigging Systems!!!  Yes this type of activity is what collapsed at Ringling Brothers. We wholly sympathize with the performers and crew. We have always been diligent in preparing the rigging design and doing the math. 

But always….  with rigging like there is there is still ONLY  “1” point with NO redundancy….

Swivels and shackles on the crane rigs shown are rated to 10 of thousands of pounds

Swivels and gear on the balloon rigs with one performer are rated to 5000 and greater

All Souls 2013 Time Lapse from Flam Chen on Vimeo.

Setting the stage for a ceremony of tremendous magnitude. Finally a decent time lapse of a critical moment of stagecraft. Shot by Christian Novellini and a spread of stills from his unique position on the aerial rig. Many

Nemcatacoa, The Carpetbag Brigade & Verbabola—-FREE presentation of Dios de Adrenalina at The Temple of Music and Art!

Saturday October 26 at 4 pm

Good times doing aeronautics for String Cheese Incident at Hornings Hideout!  Part of an excellent piece created by Nova Han for the 2nd set opening show.  Lots of great regional performers and got to hang with good friends all weekend!  Many thanks to Madison House, Moving Parts, Nova and Jade, Cyd and Pixie.

Shots by ShowLove media and Brian Spady

We had rehearsal last night—fireworks as our backdrop as Mike suspends and dances on a bungee sling

shot by Karel Moonen