500 PX site for ASP Media Circle

Just a bit of time left to participate!  The Urn trines are getting cut—we start welding tomorrow!  Gonna make some sweet stainless ear weights from the drops!

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All Souls Poster Art comp for 2013 poster is live! pass this around to graphic artist & painter friends alike! Entries are due soon http://www.facebook.com/events/442505672458713/

shown 2001-2009

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All Souls Procession Photography Competition and Exhibition 2012

Please pass this on to Photographer friends


Just broke $2k!—-Thank you friends!  Please share this amazing project on your networks—every cent helps so much!


All Souls Earth & Flame Spirals-Stu Jenks

Post procession site installation.  Site is also a burial site—now becoming the Pima County Courthouse on Toole and Stone ave.

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The Spiral and the Urn-10’s of thousands of prayers and wishes for the deceased from all over the world get consumed in flames each year