The MOTH PEOPLE embody the concept of ethereal…their elongated earthbound bodies twist and contort with their acrobatic antics.  They are playful and jittery –their flock can be as small as 3 to as many as 30.  Their presence usually signifies a looming metamorphosis.

Bio-Penny Farthings

From the twisted mind of the infamous Papa Boneshaker-a custom genetic machination of ancient flying contraption, kinetic sculpture, 4 legged stilt creature complete with bio electric feedback and on board effects ranging from hi tech led lighting to triggered pyrotechnics. 


Nanaimo, BC

Carpetbag Brigade and Flam Chen directorial residency with local professional and community.  Crimson Coast Dance Society

Chikn Sisters comin’ at ya!  bring yer sweetie down to party with Chichca Dust and Flam Chen…

We’ll be chickn you out!

Love & Hate @ the Chkn Sisters Ranch

Saturday Feb 16 with Chicha Dust-

$25-for loners* $40 for lovers

Macauie-Wowie  2005 Dr. Sun Yet Sen Sqaure-packed to the gills